Friday, July 12, 2013

I don't watch "reality" shows on tv except for Duck Dynasty, and even that is flawed. My main complaint about television shows or movies  is that not only does it not make you intelligent, directors/producers think you're stupid. Or why would they show something like this: Couples in bed in the morning; comfortably sleeping while twisted around each other, wake up, look at each other with their googly eyes and kiss on the MOUTH? Who does that? Have you done that?

I sure haven't. And not planning to in my remaining senile years. I am very picky with my fluids, especially the ones that enters into any of my body opening. Come on, be serious now. Have you smelled someone's breath who's over the age of 3 months old? Oh well. I miss my single life and I'm not even married.....yet.

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