Friday, February 14, 2014

We have 3 days left and we fly back to Dallas with my 2 subjects. This morning, I took them to experience my street kids. Redneck loves everything here including the opportunity to minister to the street kids, with Billie, you can't know much because he only talks once or twice a day.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Philippines. Medical tourism. Sex tourism. Yesterday, the redneck had his teeth cleaned at this "high end" dental office. I say high end because prices are very high---compared to 80% of other dental offices here. A root canal? 100 dollars. Oh we're not going to compare this place with the ones in the US, as it will make me gag when I think about how much I paid for mine---1000 usd per tooth.

The place has top of the  line instruments and tools and cool looking baby pink seats! Redneck paid 30 dollars for the cleaning instead of 18 usd because his teeth is "very coffee stained" per the doctor who did it. Oh, yes, it's not a dental hygienist who does it---it's the dentist herself. The place is called Dentaland in Ayala mall. A group practice of several dentists with different specialties.

What about "sex tourism" as we're famous for. Well, where do I begin? There's Fred from San Antonio, Texas; a bulky man in his late 60's. He said he's been coming to Cebu for 14 years to "unload" his stress and escape from the bad weather. (I think the bad weather excuse was an after thought) As you sit around the hotel, where my friend Billie and redneck are staying, you can see white men, old white men to be specific feeding their infant girlfriend at the hotel restaurant. Then yesterday, sitting next to us was a fairly good looking white male eating with his dainty, dark skinned, beautiful girl who looked barely 11. The man was sitting there happy and amused. Then he opened his mouth and laughed. At least 4 front teeth were missing from his gums! But the girl didn't seem to mind, she was busy talking to her 3 other little friends and enjoying a hefty meal they normally would not be eating were it not for this toothless white guy. Oh I need to shut up.

Saturday, February 08, 2014

My subjects and I spent 3 days at the farm. Now we're back in the city and the redneck has to be taken to the doctor because he woke up barely able to talk from a swollen know that dangly thing at the back of your throat? Yup. And his foot got infected from a blister from walking  up and down the hill at the farm. Imagine that. The doctor wasn't even worried about the swollen dangly thingy, she got really excited looking at the friggin red toes. Well, the toes were red because I put merthiolet in them because I was told this is a wonder drug. Now, the doctor told me to stop using it because "it's now banned". Banned? So why is still at the stores? Because in the Philippines, everything is for sale.

What always saves the day and brings me back to life are my plants.  The last typhoon knocked down my papayas but they're still hanging on to dear life.

My favorite fruit---chicos or sapote. It is finally bearing fruits and hopefully by the time I get back to tend to them full time, I will have a big harvest. I am slowly populating my farm with fruit trees of my childhood, fruit trees my dad surrounded our house with when I was growing up
and hopefully Kalya will love this place and continue farming even after I am gone on to be with Y'shua, because this will all  be left to her.

Friday, February 07, 2014

Ok here I am again in the island. With my charges or I prefer to call them my subjects. I am still half dazed from jet lag and just plain loss of control of my brain.