Wednesday, February 14, 2007

February 14

It has been a few weeks that I have not had the inspiration or maybe I should just admit - no energy to hit the keys and pound on my brain to blog! But tonight I want to write a few words to summarize my night. Today is February 14!!! And no - I do not have a Valentine, so after work, I came home and ate dinner from left overs of a week ago and went to church. I have stopped going to Wednesday night service but tonight I have signed up to help in the children's ministry. I often said that I don't do kids, but since my experience with the kids in Cebu last year, I felt that God wants me to serve here too. I arrived just in time to meet Angel and Jackie, the husband and wife team who leads the Childrens ministry. They let me observe first then asked me to help with little things like giving out the toys or checking their work about the bible. In the beginning, during the worship and singing, I noticed that the kids are very well behaved inspite of their being typical kids; active and loud. There were more than 30 kids but one boy in particular I think had a sack of sugar for dinner. He was using his thighs as drums then he would jump then beat on the chair and was really enjoying himself. The boy next to him, caught some of his energy too but was pretty mild compared to him. They sang a song that was written by this boy named Ezekiel, and the drummer and the guitarist really produced a good melody to it. You can tell Ezekiel was pretty proud after they sang the song.
I was pretty proud of myself too, because I found myself really enjoying the kids, when I used to be annoyed with their noise and chatter. I am not maternal and I don't think I am good with kids, but more and more I am now beginning to understand why God gives us kids---to help us understand why inspite of our disobedience He still loves us. One kid was trying to cheat his way to get a reward and demanded what I should give him while another kid was very meek and tried to explain to me that he did his homework but could not find the book, could he please get his reward. As I stood back during the break and observe silently, I realized that if God can be so patient with us adults, why are we so easily mad at kids misdemeanor?
My adrenalin was pumping from the chattering and shouting of the kids in that room but as I was leaving, one boy shyly asked me if I wanted a valentines card. Before I could even say yes, he put it in my hand and ran away. It was not even a valentines card, but a sports card and he wrote his name on it. I did have a Valentine after all..thank you, Andrew.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Trust the process

I am reading this book by Dr. Kathleen Hall titled A Life in Balance. In this book she talks about the first time she had experienced panic attack which leads to drastic changes in her life. She gives the prescription to nourish the roots of our life, with the acronym S.E.L.F. Serenity, Exercise, Love, Food. The book is really about mind-body health. It is very persuasive and informational but the information is not a novel idea. Jesus taught all these 2000 years ago. I can cite so many examples of this teaching in the bible, but what I really think sums up the whole teaching is the scene where Jesus was hanging on the cross in the middle of the day; hunger eating at him and the people shouting and mocking him, not to mention the excruciating pain of the nails pounded through His wrists. Physically you can see Him almost beaten to a pulp, bleeding externally He was not a sight to see, internally His organs were collapsing and yet in the midst of all that, His soul was at peace. He was still full of love, not hate. How do I know? because He asked for forgiveness for the ones who hurt him.
Nothing and no one impressed Jesus to make him alter his convictions. LOVE hinges the 10 commandments. No greater peace, no greater works, no greater food than the fruits love produces when you exercise it in truth. Without the wisdom of God, we can not truly love.

The Western medical profession has slowly come to understand that the roots of our physical ailments are not poverty or alcoholism. The heart of the problem is the problem of the heart. When our heart is right with God, our relationships with His creation; nature and people will work out.
Eastern disciplines have long taught "listen to the inner voice, trust the process" and it will lead you to the authentic you.
Duh? Jesus always said "the Holy Spirit will lead you into all truth." So let us not be like Pilate asking - What is truth? while staring at Him.