Sunday, August 26, 2007

Them Jews

"We are Catholics" my parents and everyone around me said that. I did not know what that meant, but growing up I was told anything other than that was a cult. And when I did something bad as a child, my parents and siblings would then say " you are a Jew"- implying that I was as bad as the "Jews who killed Jesus." I bet you the Pope's adviser at the time was also the personal adviser of Adolph. After all, Adolph lived closer to Rome while my parents island was just a squigly among the thousands of islands in the Philippines. Yet, that man in the Vatican controlled my household and them Filipinos like puppets. And them hooligans claimed they went to 4 years of seminary schooling, but how come they don't know that although it was the Jews who made the cross and pound on the spikes, it is our sins who killed Jesus that "the scriptures might be fulfilled."

To a lot of Filipinos, Ninoy Aquino is a hero. Not that I would dare compare Jesus to Ninoy. Jesus is a Jew killed by the Jews, ok. Them Filipinos pulled the trigger on Ninoy, so why don't we call our malfunctioning filipino kids " you're a Flip ".

I have learned to love the Jews not because of my late husband, but through reading the Old Testament. If I claim to love God and God is and was patient and nurturing towards them inspite of their being "stubborn and stiffnecked" who am I to do otherwise? When God calls on an individual, God will accomplish His purpose regardless of that persons obedience or disobedience. God is not only long suffering, He is nurturing and forbearing. I want to show a few examples of how God's calling is irrevocable.

Abraham : For him to leave his country and family to "a land I will show you" an unclear order from God as to where that place is, yet Abraham pulled up stakes and left. But somewhere along the way, Abraham had some doubts about God's promises to him, or he would not have presented Sara (his wife) to Abimelech as his sister because of fear. Also, why give in to Sara's haste of having a child by Hagar if he was sure that God would give him a son from his own body, as He promised?
Then there's Gideon asking for signs (2 signs) before he will do what he was called to do -so he can be sure it is of God.
And what about Moses, explaining to God why he can't be His spokesman to led Israel out of Egypt. As if God did not know his frailties and his strenghts already? Isn't Moses' reluctance and explanation to God a sign that he really was not sure if God can deliver? Did God change his plan and agreed to use somebody else instead because Moses doubted Him? No, He gave in to Moses request to use Aaron but only as his assistant then went on the explain to Moses ; Who made man's mouth , or who makes him mute or deaf, or seeing or blind? Is it not I, the Lord?"
And what about David? Solomon and Peter? I can go on and on, and show how God nurtures and show patience to people.

God put The Jews in charge of the oracles of God. God knows that their stubborness will be useful in His ultimate purpose in the end. His messenger (the Jews) will carry HIS message the way HE intended it to be, regardless that we don't think so. In the end, the Jews will lead us to the perfect blessing from the Jewish Meshia but for now, we should not withhold our love to the unbelieving sons of Israel. Christians are supposed to make the Jews the sense that we claim and live out Yeshua HaMeshia as the fountain of life.
Pray for the peace of Jerusalem and eat from the heritage of Jacob.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Another Today

As I was going through old photos, cards and letters, I have once again been reminded that life has to be lived in the present only. I have worried senselessly in the past about the future. Today, I started to fret again. I want things to happen but not sure what things. I am mourning the demise of a relationship but also eager to see what's going to open up for me. Doors are opening but my heart keeps yearning for the past and missing the future; what could have been. Why couldn't he love me as much as I loved him? I have not loved anyone as much, but it must not be enough for him.
We love who we love and we should never apologize for it.
I have made a big decision in my life this last week. I was told never to make a major decision soon after an end of a relationship, but I know that this is the only way to proceed. I already got someone involved so I have to go through with it. I may have decided in haste but for now it makes me feel good and it enables me to get up in the morning again with a sense of purpose.
I will be leaving friends and loved ones, but sooner or later, each of us will have to do what we have to do anyway. New beginnings, new sorrows and pain. But nevertheless, it has to be faced.

Sunday, August 19, 2007


I don't even know who Murphy is but the often quoted Murphy's Law "What can possibly go wrong, has" did happen to me this last 2 weeks. My car, my body, my personal love life has given way to breaking down. What could possibly break down, has.

TODAY, as I was listening to the singing and preaching at church, I realized that repentance about our sins does not come as easily when we want to. Of course we have to want to repent, but most importantly and very necessary is the help of God for us to "truly repent". True repentance only happens from the heart, not from the mind. My mind has told me so many times in my life of the things I needed to repent, but my heart continues to misbehave and do it's own thing anyway.

When things don't go well in our life, we need to ask God why things are happening and learn the lesson that needs to be learned and move on. Some things are not always clear, as to how we should proceed. This is when we really need the wisdom of God.

TODAY, I also was enlightened about prayers. Most of the public prayers I have heard in church are about telling God "how much we love Him, that we will serve Him and praise Him." God knows how and what we feel towards Him. But instead, we should rephrase it and "ask" God to "help us, to love Him, serve and praise Him, in the way that pleases Him."

In the bible, Jesus warned : by their fruits you shall know them. Actions, not words. I have no problem with corporate prayers but my problem is when we toot our own horns about "how much we love God". I believe that corporate prayers should be to petition God to enable us - because without God, we could not even love Him. To arrive at true repentance we need God - to calm and discipline our heart. NO other way will work, and no other work will suffice.

TODAY, also is a red letter day for me. About 2 months ago, when I visited the Holocaust museum, inside by the front desk a sign reads " Remember Darfur". I had no clue where or what is happening in Darfur. I heard of it but resigned it to some political "crap" I thought. Then I happen to read on it again and I started to feel a pang in my heart about it. I said " No, Lord, not Darfur." I am not going to Darfur. Well, how can I get to Darfur? Again, no Lord, not Darfur.
Well, TODAY, the founder of Safe Harbor International spoke in our church about Darfur. Am I going to Darfur? Ask God.