Thursday, March 28, 2013

Dee Williams Lives Large in a Tiny Footprint#.UVTqZuIwu9Y.facebook

Living large and in-charge. Yup.

Dee Williams Lives Large in a Tiny Footprint#.UVTqZuIwu9Y.facebook
I miss my kitchen in Dallas but this is more thrilling, dontya think? It's holy week here in Catholic country of Cebu. The boys and I went camping and swimming yesterday. In 4 weeks, if I get my seat confirmed for a flight back to Dallas, well, I'll be in Dallas. And I'm going to be busy interviewing the few men I've lined up for the husband position I've posted online. Well, before you skin me alive for sounding irreverent towards men, I am joking, alright? If, I don't find a suitable applicant, then I, me and myself will have to go on another interview. I will be interviewing for a job! You've heard it said--work hard or marry rich. I haven't really decided what I should do; get a job or get a husband. I guess whichever comes first that offers more zero's after the first digit.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Women have been burned one too many times. And so has men. When a man enters into a relationship, he comes in with  layers of masks as his protective gear because he's not sure what he's walking into. It would take some doing before he can let his guard down. And hopefully, before the woman gets tired and give up on him.

So what is a woman supposed to do when she's gifted this mummified hunk of a man? I say, gently peel off the plaster, being careful to keep him intact and not turn him into ashes or go ahead and just bury the bastard. Albeit short and narrow in scope of my online dating experience, I could write a book about it, and trust me when I say that the experience has been a source for a much needed convulsive laughter  and at the same time induce a brain stroke. Though eHarmony members seems to be one notch up on the respectability category, because for some reason the men there seems cleaner physically and verbally, I find that I just don't have the drive to mess with "dating" anymore... much more with online dating. Because I don't wear one, I don't have the patience to wait for any man to take off his many masks.  I can't help it, but I have this tendency to walk into any relationship in full force; baring my soul, totally vulnerable and trusting. Shopping for a man is not for the fainthearted, but can you really blame them? We spend years trying to change them and then say, "he's not the man he used to be".  Oh well.

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

When one of the boys are caught stealing, the rest of the street kids will try to lay low and stay away from their usual abode--under the bridge or on the skywalk bridge. They either move to a different location temporarily or stay away from the public areas, like the mall where they do their panhandling when they're not scavenging. When I don't see them for 2 weeks, I roam the street and look for them. Yesterday, I found Walter and sent him to find the others and he came back with the ones who also just escaped from the halfway house of the social services people. I feed them whatever I have in the house. And back at the farm..... Here's one of Gilbert's chickens and his pepper seedlings, which I am so proud of. I am trying to teach them to be self sufficient, because I'm getting broker than broke And because Gilbert is the oldest of the 3 and he's most responsible, he wanted to not be with the other two anymore. He asked if he could have his own house. Sure. Why not. So we're building him one. Oh wait. I think this is for the goat.