Thursday, August 28, 2014

One thing I love about Calgary is the food choices; every ethnicity is very well represented here. And talking about food, I happen to think that Malaysian food is the bomb--but then I was told that, most of what I ate when the Redneck and I were in Malaysia  last month was mostly an Indian dish.

Our first day in Kuala Lumpur, this is our breakfast...Indian roti
We crossed to Penang and on to Thailand

Monday, August 25, 2014

Seven years ago I turned 50, and  I got fascinated with the idea of being a "vagabond" ( one of the perks aboard the menopausal train--quirky thoughts).  I pursued the idea and made it a personal experience. The whole endeavor filled that hole which was created by the "change of season in a woman's life". But I am now seriously tired of the movement, of the phase, and saying hello and goodbye to friends and family from one end of the globe to the next. I want to stop moving. Now.

The last two months I was in Cebu, Malaysia and Thailand, then went back to Dallas for a week and now I'm in Canada spending time with the grands. Another 4 weeks and I will be back in Dallas, but not for long because the Redneck will be working outside of Dallas. I want to stay put and buy groceries for my pantry that's good for more than 2 months, cook and shop and have lunch with friends without  a schedule to leave. I need to stop moving. Now. But more than ever, I want to have a home I can call my own, a place for Kalya to come for a visit or to stay and I miss Dallas more than ever now. Old age, grand kids--- it has a way to warm your heart and settle the voices in your head.