Wednesday, November 30, 2016

I am frustrated because I still can't figure out how to upload pictures from my phone to this blog. But I will soon learn how. For now, I am just in a funky mood in the wood. The weather here in Louisiana is actually better that what I can remember in Dallas, especially now that God has healed my respiratory allergies. I now can enjoy being out. But I want to be out where I could see well dressed people, sipping their 5$ coffee rushing to work in their luxury cars. Or in not so luxurious car, trying to make ends meet.

Talking about making ends meet: I am able to make ends meet but without some extra loop to play with. My source of joy doesn't come from money. Let me say it again. My source of joy doesn't come from money. O.k. I am lying.So let me be specific: My source of joy comes from the Lord Jesus, but the last three days I find myself feeling down and getting impatient for when God will embellish my existence with money so I can get things. Unnecessary things, but I want it anyway. And I want it now.

Oh well. This is what makes life more exciting---expecting. Expecting for the best yet to come.

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