Tuesday, November 29, 2016

It is 9 a.m. here in the woods. I am learning how to post pictures from my phone so ya'll can see where I live now. It will be a while before I can figure it out, but I want to show you what I got here.

For several years, I have followed the "tiny house" movement and living off of the land. I am finally here. I've been here since March, I've planted, harvested and live in this 14x32 cabin. The cabin is still unfinished because I found that I need two things to finish it; a handy husband or money. I have neither. Oh wait, I have a husband, but I have more tools than he does and I only have a hammer.

So let me finish my coffee so I can get to the library and pick up a book or two. Besides the Bible, I haven't read any book in the last 2 years. Reading and blogging is my new diet now. Toes crossed.

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