Saturday, July 16, 2011

Kids....and more of them

It's overwhelming. They're everywhere. They're young and committing petty crime, with their brains wasted on rugby and who knows what else? So where do I begin and can it be sustained whatever I decide to do with them? Well, I don't have the answer, but I know I can't ignore them anymore. I did not seek help and support from my pastor friends because I just wanted to hang out with them and get to know them. And to let them know that though their minds are lost, God knows exactly where they are.

Around noon yesterday I went to assess the situation. Meet Mark Anthony, Jack and Lars. Under the bridge half dazed from sniffing rugby. And bummed out from begging and stealing and hunger.

I told them I will be back around 530pm when it's cooler. The 3 of them said they'd wait for me. I came back with Jordan and look, I have the whole gang waiting for me.
They showed me their cave under the bridge and held up the sign that they took with the item they stole from the mini-store. It's not funny, but you have to find the humor in it.
I told them about being a mother, how it must have pained their mother not knowing where they are and wondering if they're still alive. But most of them except for Mark Anthony who said that his mother told him to get out of her life and not come back, the rest said the same thing; their parents beat them up when they didn't obey. In other words, they want to live in a world without authority, rules and guidelines. Before I fed them bread and orange juice, Jordan shared his experiences with them; how he was also a street kid like them. Until I found him and he had to straighten up or I'd beat him to a pulp if he disobeyed.
Rio pulled me aside so he can have his picture taken, all by himself. He said he didn't want the "dirty" kids around him. Then he asked if I am on Facebook. I said no, I am not. He proceeded to mouth off the password to his Facebook account, which was a series of numbers. When I asked why too many digits and no letters, he said it's his cell phone number. Daaang, you have a cell phone? He said he did, until the police caught him.
In all this excitement, can you spot me among them? Well, take a good look.. so when you hear of my death, you'll know what killed me.

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