Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Too old for that

I'm not anti-social, I just prefer to be a loner. Though sometimes my preferrence for solitude makes Howard Hughes look sociable, I have no problem making friends....because as Chat likes to say: If they're hospice bound, insane criminals or just plain insane, I attract them. True enough, two months after I arrived here in Cebu, this bipolar neighbor of mine found me. Or maybe I found her.

But as quick as we bonded, was how quick I had to desist from her because I have no energy to tackle her manic and argumentative moods. I understand that to choose friends who are only like me is a form of narcissism, but I just could not hack it having to defend my position every time I say something. I could take her opinion about my opinion, but I'm too tired and too brain dead to be on the defensive position all the time.

I am an introvert in the sense that most of the time I am preoccupied with my own thoughts, but I love social contact; I enjoy people and their stories and I long to be with people---just not in big doses. Or with bipolar beings. Being with people 3 days in a row (or one hour with her) would land me some place with men and women in white coats and hardly readable handwriting. And where most of their supply gowns are straightjackets. No wonder I love cats. They don't talk back so I don't have to argue. And no wonder I'm still single.

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