Saturday, July 16, 2011

Work, the cure for hunger

Chat has sponsored several kids here in Cebu but this one I've taken a special interest because of the circumstance that she's in. Her mother is a drunk and suffers from asthma and kidney problem, but she does laundry for people and is a good worker....when she's not drinking. I am training this kid to work because as I've said, the cure for hunger is work. And she's come a long way, in her writing too.

After she worked, I gave her water to bathe, food and new clothes. And some money which I am training her to learn to budget. But she said her mother wants half of it, I told her it's ok--you still have to budget regardless if it's a million or a dollar.

She did this whole area all by herself, in less than an hour. Without any supervision.
I mean, no human supervision.

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