Thursday, July 24, 2014

Once upon a time there were two brothers named Isaac and Ismael. They didn't like each other because Isaac stayed at home, went to private school, dated a white cheer leader and drove a McLaren. Though Ismael was promised the same privilege by their father, he rebelled and had daddy issues big time because he was the "illegitimate" son and he and his maid mother was kicked out of the house by his stepmom--- because his mother stayed slim even after he was born and she didn't even  yoga like stepmom.

Fast forward several years later, Ismael's once calloused butt from riding them sheep, now rides his own fleet of Mercedes Benz's (with sheep skin for seat covers) surveying the arid ground spewing with oil and gas. Then he thought to himself: Isaac, I don't care about your prestigious college degrees and inventions; I have more anger than you have degrees. And I have followers who doesn't ask questions after I promise them virgins awaiting them, after they become pulverized. 
 Now it's the 21st century and this family's feud continues and it is trickling down to my neighborhood and that makes me angry. And you bet I am  afraid, because let's not forget that the only hope for peace was born in the middle east, and some fools crucified him. I would hate to take sides but I have to cover my arse.... I am going for the Lion of Judah.

I am land rich and cash poor. I've heard people say that and I never quiet understood how that works. But now I know. You sit and stare at your property, wanting to do this and that and you can't.... because you're b.r.o.k.e.

As I sit here and ponder on life (which I do once every other day) I could not think of anything I want to do right now but go home (assuming I know where home is)and settle down. Yes, you finally heard it here. I want to stop rolling and settle down once and for all. I dream of my own home (not an apartment) and a small piece of dirt to garden. A permanent address. The question is, WHERE?

Friday, July 18, 2014

Nothing in life is free; everything comes with a responsibility, and responsibility is costly. With this haven I have, comes the financial responsibility to secure it and maintain it while I am in the US. For starters, the cost of fencing the perimeter of this 6 acre spread. I need to get back to the US quick and get a job.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Francis, my Malaysian friend is here visiting and because he lived all his life in England, his British accent which is now mixed with Malay, (as he now lives in Malaysia)  makes him harder to understand sometimes. So when he speaks, the Redneck turns to me and asks: what's he saying? And when the Redneck speaks, Francis turns to me and say: I'm sorry what's he saying? I thought, "Well, it's ok, I can translate. It must be hard; what with a Redneck and a confused Brit."  Then I realized: These 2 are just hard of hearing, that's why.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

The many faces of my grand.

Ooops...didn't mean to show you my first born enjoying his kitty dope.

Saturday, July 12, 2014 the farm shack. I will get real sleep when I die, but in the meantime I am practicing in my coffin size bed.
After several prodding, my caretaker finally listened to me and planted lots of moringa--the miracle tree we use for soup as in boiled greens.
After 3 years, my sapote (chicos) produced this year but I was in the US so I didn't get to sample its first fruits. Nevertheless, my caretaker said they were really sweet.

Monday, July 07, 2014

The Redneck is complaining. I repeat...the Redneck is complaining. About the pollution here in Cebu and how he feels so cramped. "Island fever?" I asked. "No, your crib is too damn small". Well, this is why I don't dare call it by any other name but a "crib".  I feel cramped anywhere anyway. So yesterday, we got on the bus and head south, just for a change in scenery.  And we bought the town's famous product---a cake using fermented coconut water in place of yeast.

Sunday, July 06, 2014

A long time ago, an ex told me something that stuck with me until now, he said: "I am tired of trying to make others happy. From now on, I will only seek to make myself happy, until then I am no good to anyone." (A profound statement from a shallow man, but profound nonetheless.) Here we go again about "happiness". But whatever it is I am seeking, I need it. And I need it now.

So where do I start? I will begin right here  in the center of the universe---myself. People are expecting my presence everywhere; Dallas? Canada? Malaysia? The hell with all of them. I ain't doing nothing. Because the damn Korean airlines is making my life miserable by restricting my flying date if I don't come up with more money, I'd say the hell with everything.

It's 945pm, Sunday night here in Cebu. I am bored. I am anxious. I am feeling helpless. The damn Korean airlines would not let me fly back to Dallas sooner than August 28. The reason? I didn't pay enough to be able to fly whenever I want. I paid $1972.00 US dollars and they considered it a cheap fare? They tell me I can fly on the 13th of August if I pay an additional 600 dollars.

Maybe tomorrow I will feel better, maybe tomorrow I will be able to tell myself that there's a reason for everything. But right now, I miss everything and everyone in Dallas and I just simply want to hold Kalya again. And this is what's frustrating me the most----not being able to do just that.

Friday, July 04, 2014

You took me in and made me believe that I can be all I want to be. You gave me freedom and allowed me to exercise it without fear. You made it clear that if I am willing to work I will find work and prosperity can be expected. Thank YOU AMERICA AND TO THE MEN AND WOMEN WHO CONTINUE TO FIGHT FOR WHAT AMERICA WAS FOUNDED ON. Happy 4th ya'll!!!

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

I am here in Cebu doing what I do best---complain about the heat and pollution. The city of Cebu is just not the place to be for any reason unless you have a job that keeps you here. Or you want to be here to torture yourself with filthy air. Ok. So I am spoiled. But why should I not be? Imagine. 3 years ago, I visited this piece of property in the same island where my farm on the hill is located. I salivated over this land, all 6 acres of it. I could not afford it then, but I was more than ecstatic to help a friend buy this land, because I never dreamed of being able to afford it myself. But as of today, the land is mine, paid for and conveyed in my name.
Am I bragging? You bet I am. I am bragging about God! God used 2 people to help me buy this land. I have about a 1000 feet of water frontage and this is how the water looks like.
But because I can't swim, I just dip my feet in the shallow part of the lagoon.