Tuesday, July 30, 2013

God has granted me so much favor with people. Yesterday, out of the blue my former boss who has since retired called me and said that she found out I was in town, so she wants to arrange a dinner for me and my other former bosses from another company. Normally, I would try to get out of anything that requires me to have to socialize and do small talks, but this is different. My two other former bosses are busy running companies and yet they're taking the time to see me today. One even has to rearrange her schedule to make the date.

Here I am still sipping coffee at 10 a.m and just now realizing that I may be able to con one of them to give me a job. My ticket is booked to come back from the Philippines in November, but I always change booking anyway. I may come back sooner and work like a responsible adult, but then again, why? I don't need money, I have all the money I can spend in my lifetime. Assuming of course, my lifetime is until tomorrow.

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