Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Ok, time to count days again. Exactly 23 days and I get on that bus with wings again. I never liked the flying part of any trip, much more flying for more than an hour. It takes about 13.5 hours to Korea, then I get a 4 hour lay over--more than enough time to get Kimchi soup and a massage. Then another 4 hours flight to my island.

I don't know when I will stop flying --or "running" according to Chat.  But Chat is not complaining, in fact, she's very much aware that she's an enabler. I pay no rent, I eat her groceries and consume light and a/c and have free use of any of her vehicles. I need for this Lexapro to work so I can write again, because the only excuse I need for her to send me all over the world is just say: "I need to finish my book in....Germany or, I need to get out, I can't write here." It's been 7 days on Lexapro and I don't see any effect on my moods yet. I sleep good though, but my memory is still the same---I still can't remember why I have to wake up this morning.

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